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2008-01-04 15:21:50
I must say.The new design is really modern.So many new features.
It looks a little strange( at first I even thought that The Dink Network was bought by some "let's make all websites white clean and") ,but I think I will get used to it.
So fill me in on the news! Anything groundbreaking? Did Redink1 get married? Is Tal still Tal?

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Desert Cliff TilesDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.1December 29th, 2002

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This is a Very Short Dmod Knight's Tale (A)NormalGood 7.9December 23rd, 2002

Well This D-Mods is Realy Great!Not Too Hard,the Plot is Easy,So You Could Play it To...
Cloud CastleNormalExceptional 9.5September 3rd, 2002
a Very Nice Game That is Realated To the Original Game Dink Smallwood & The End of TimeNormalGood 8.1July 13th, 2002
Well Well Well Milderr!!NormalGood 7.5July 7th, 2002