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Emerald Hunt (The)

The fearsome antagonists. From the COTPATD project.
You are on a hunt for the six stolen emeralds. Go get them!
Released:December 30th, 2000
File Size:823.75 KB
Release Notes:Demo 2
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October 4th, 2002
Demo 2
Score : 7.1 good
Peasant Female
Dink has to defeat six evil wizards in order to get the six peace emeralds back.
In this demo Dink gets to find one of the six emeralds by defeating on of the six evil wizards.
Storyline: Apart from the intro movie, that is good, there is hardly any story.

Map and Graphics: The map is sometimes a bit empty. The load and title screens are very well done. The element index is nice too. There are no new graphics, although the wizards have different colours.

Music: Fits the situation well.

Good: The intro movie is real nice; the way the six wizards interact, and the way the text and the colours are used is original. The font is good to read. The reason there is only one savebots is acceptable, but if you want to be on the save side and save your game after killing some pillbugs, you have to walk a great distance between the savebot and the pillbugs. The only savebot that is available is used in an original way. When fighting the evil wizard, there is a statistic showing the lifemax and how many health points the wizard has got (left); that is really a very, very good thing, since I am always wondering when fighting an end-boss when I can expect him to have no more health left and, as a result of that, will drop dead.

Not so good: Not much of a story after the intro movie, and people just say one-liners. Since there is only one savebot and you have to level up a bit before you can defeat the wizard, you have to walk some distance between pillbugs and savebot. I could not find any way to get healed and that is annoying; you could either choose to be very careful when fighting the wizard with poor attack, or run the risk of loosing health when fighting pillbugs to get better attack before fighting the evil wizard. Some signs do not have scripts attached to them.

Overall: The intro to this D-mod is very good, but the game itself leaves you a bit disillusioned. The game does not live up to what the intro promised.
Fit for: Those who want to play a simple D-mod.