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Knight's Tale (A)

Jarvis tells you who he is and what he's here to say. From the COTPATD project.
December 23rd, 2002
Score : 7.9 good
This is a Very short DMOD.But it's fun to play with a little freak instead of dink.I finished the game in about 15 mins. But it's very simple.Or maybe too simple. Go kill the bad-guy and save the day. That's about all that is to the Dmod. There are some new graphics.
About the graphics:
yes they are good.I can't say nothing about it. BUT.In my oppinion those graphic are not dink type. Original dink graphics have a hidden dot texture,wich makes them diffrent. The war craft graphics are very SMOOTH they don't have that specific dot texture and they fall out of the main wiev.
Music: some of the midi's were just great. but most of them were too fast and loud. music's part in a game is to make the audio background not for listening to it. ( I think the best music is in fiat)
So in conclusion: a short simple dmod.With nothing special. [exept those little freaks]