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The year is 20XX. The one they call Tal has updated his Dink Network profile, which serves as a catalyst for all sorts of pizza delivery orders.

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2002-11-26 14:06:28
Noble Male United States xbox steam
Super Sexy Tal Pal 
: part of review from ...his Ancestor 1239:

: Strengths:

: The Idea is great, good, killing the ancestor of Hitler is the best Ive ever heard. The screens are nicely designed. There is no ending and there are a lot of hardness errors.

: I can't remember the time when no ending and hardness errors were a good thing...

There's an easy way to remedy this situation! Here's how:

1. Don't post about it on the board, lest you dare lose your head for needlessly posting.

2. Go into the author's profile, find his e-mail address, and nag him.

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