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The year is 20XX. The one they call Tal has updated his Dink Network profile, which serves as a catalyst for all sorts of pizza delivery orders.

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2003-05-06 20:02:34
Noble Male United States xbox steam
Super Sexy Tal Pal 
I'd like to see Necromancer, although that's many months away. I haven't finished Pilgrim's Quest, though, so I really should get around to that. We miss you, Simon..

Hidthspace Revolution (as well as Paragon and the eventual FIAT remake) will be delightful, I'm sure. Here's to hoping that ol' redink1 spends lots of time Dinkin' this summer.

Other D-Mods that come to mind are Crosslink (will it ever be finished?), Bloodlords, Cloud Castle 2, and the Evil Hero D-Mods. Also, a finished version of Back from the Grave would be like mana from.. somewhere. *shrug* It'd be excellent for sure, though it likely won't happen.

And finally, The Quest for the Pig.. and I'm Not Dead Yet.. say, who was working on those, anyway?

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