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January 5th 2008, 06:18 PM
Peasant Male Australia
Let me heat that up for you... 
where are you in the game? tell me everything you did to get where you are?

quick walkthrough:
go in dinks house
look at poster
go outside
go down a screen
depending on what version of DESA you may have there should be a staircase
go into one of the right holes (cant remember which one but if you get it wrong get out quickly)
go down a screen
go inside the little hut
there should be a few walls near the middle of the screen
walk into them fromthe right
choose "use booth"
you find out about the booth if you talk to the first nurse, just a bit of sick humour nothing neccesary to know
go downstairs
walk outside
go exploring (there are secrets here. one is a bar, kind of a joke, and the other is the ultra secret i think)
go up a few screens and left, you will find martridge
talk to get ice ball
go left a few screens and find the opening (it takes up two screens. hard to miss if you go exploring. up a screen and left from the hospital i think)
go across, go down until noth the first turnoff, but the second
go left
after cutscene is evil wizard and you in a battle
he is a bit difficult, it is a good idea to find the nukes but the way back tosnow is bugged
after you have killed him its a bit bugged but works, go up to the top corner (stand on the stairs) and press space i think
ok i have said a lot. there is a short cutscene
talk to the girl
talk to the lady downstairs
blah blah blah figure the rest out