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October 5th 2002, 09:08 AM
:: : It's not an odd thing, it's the storyline.

: : In order to let her sing, you first had to talk to others. People mostly will give you hints and information about what to do. Like... in order to get to B, you first have to stop at A. And in A there is someone who wants something and you have to do that before you can continue. And so on...

The odd thing bin, was that the first time around, I had talked with everyone, maybe too many times, I don't know, but I did wander around a bit before I realized where the "lake" was (I don't know how I missed it, it was right there). But, at the lake, I did not get the option to sing, not even the "hey that must be the lake whathisname was talking about". I only got that when I restarted, and then went straight to the lake after talking with the wizard.

: That, and it's also pretty buggy...what you experienced may be a bug, or you being silly, I don't know. But I hopw you enjoy the rest of the (VERY short) d-mod, and I recommend Cloud Castle!

a small bug I think, also, if you ask the lady to teach you a song again (I thought maybe she would teach me a different one, and asked again), the option to sing goes away so I had to restart to get it back I was glad it was a short game lol. and yes I *did* enjoy playing it anyway, I love all these dmods!

I'm still curious tho, is there magic in the game? (I never found any), and where was the diamond mine? (guessing it's where "my mother ha ha" was?)

Where is this cloud castle? I'm playing all the new releases I've missed, and haven't come across that one yet.