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Played 'em all, at least all rated over 7.5 and .dmod over 1 MB.

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2021-03-08 11:38:11
Peasant Finland
Please let me amend my review. My intention was not to blame Skurn for releasing that D-mod, but I tried to put there a mild warning for eager Dink fans, so they would not expect this to be a 700+ screen epic journey. (I by myself check ./Files every single day with heart full of hope).

This Dmod is definitely worth of playing. Sorry if I messed up that message.

Looking forward to see an expanded version of (the) A Dmod.

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A Dmod - an epic journey through vast maps A DmodNormalFair 6.1March 7th, 2021

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Preview Periculo IslandJune 12th, 2022