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2022-08-09 15:30:32
Peasant They/Them Finland
[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

Thanks for the hint Robj! I visited the NPC and after a couple steps I got a snowball. Before getting the liquor I read the bookshelf, but I've not solved that clue yet. In general, I think that I've solved at least three sliding puzzles. I have feeling that I may passed some paths for good, since Dink is at level 20. An old poem about the lost key does not leave me alone, nor does that mumble about gym, "Up-Up!..". Same about someone's watery grave and a crack on the ground, no luck so far with them.

Dink's attack with light sword is 36/ d25 (without wearing the shield) /m22, so ducklings and other enemies are just an annoyance and I can wander back and forth the territory without much troubles. For very same reason the end boss is a piece of cake, just stand still and wiggle the light sword, maybe a couple of healing spells, but no need for elixirs or speed drinks at all.

I look forward to that walkthrough, but meanwhile I keep exploring since finding thingies yourself is much more fun than a speed run with ready baked instructions. I must (re) buy the bow and see what I can do with it. I've zipped some savegames, so that I think that I can revert back to level 10 or so.

Thanks for an excellent DMOD!

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