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Peasant Finland
Played 'em all, at least all rated over 7.5 and .dmod over 1 MB.

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2022-08-10 13:04:44
Peasant Finland
'that mumble about "Up-Up!.." is a default, "nothing to talk to" say line in this dmod.'

.. and guess who tried i.e. to push the talking signs next to each house following this sequence.

About the total stats: my savefiles are about 16 hours so it has taken its toll to reach this, but I just like to play Dink.

The 'Gold Knight Agency' was that thing that was mentioned in Prison book/ bookshelf. I'll see If I can find what it means.

Now got the gold coated chair and save status is 77%. Thanks for the hint!

Ps. a minor bug: Dink gets stuck if a headless duck attacks him during the conversation with the potion fairy or a bartender, or when he is speaking out the password nwxt to the goblin mayor's door.

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A Dmod - an epic journey through vast maps A DmodNormalFair 6.1March 7th, 2021

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