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A Dmod

March 7th, 2021
Score : 6.1 fair
Peasant They/Them Finland
A Dmod begins with very familiar setup: Dink wakes up in a middle of empty bottles. The quest begins with a bare hand fighting and there are no weapons available. Fortunately there are a lot of (full) potions. Save machines are rare, so player must wander back and forth to or take a risk before he/she enters next screen.

After exploring the map [spoilers ahead] at far South-East corner there is a Magic Scroll and this is where things begins to rock (or flare up): Magic opens a shortcut to that save machine and makes daily killing much easier. The End Boss will feel that fiery wrath, but there is a surprise regarding Dink's defense level..

Unfortunately DFarc version 3.14 crashes at very end, so I didn't see the epilogue, if there is any.

Verdict: considering map size and lack of treasures and sub tasks I'd give only 6.1 , but nowadays any Dmod counts