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January 17th, 06:18 PM
Peasant He/Him United States
If Dink had a toy, he'd have Dinkin-logs 
I've made it to the end of the game. Up to this point it's seemed like everything has been relatively simple as far as combat goes. I have the throwing axe. The boomerang. The claw. Claw sword. Long sword and fireball spell.

However suddenly the last 20 screens of the game are all golems and slime that all my weapons do 1 damage to. But they are hitting me with anything from 10-28.

I have done a heavy bit of exploring. I am 7 hours in. I haven't found any other spells or stronger weapons.

I used the boots to boogy past real quick and next up is the boss fight where milder betrays me. The wizard wrecks me. I'm lvl 11. With nothing attached my stats are 14 attack. 17 defense. 24 Magic.

Do I just need to keep grinding my other stats up or am I missing spells and gear?