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Quest for Not Quite as Lame (The)

This could be you if you play
One day, Dink receives a letter regarding the craptacular files
that were released by the creator of his world. Determined
not to let his world fall into the pit of horrible files, he sets out on
yet another adventure to stop the one they call 'Pillbug'.

- It doesn't work in Truecolor (don't bother trying, I've got some ninja scripting that Scratcher helped me with that won't let you play in Truecolor anyway).

- I've fixed all bugs my Beta testers have came up with, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Post any bugs you may find!
Released:July 16th, 2011
File Size:3.60 MB
Release Notes:I fired my nerf gun repeatedly at a lot of the bosses, so it's not so tedious to kill things. Also fixed an annoying bug with the healing spell messing with the status bar. Oh, and got rid of the "No Truecolor" thing, since it did more harm than good. These fixes also probably brought on more bugs, so feel free to whine at me.
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October 6th, 2009
Score : 8.6 good
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
The Quest For Not Quite As Lame is a fun Dmod and I definitely enjoyed playing it. Also, the title fits the Dmod, especially considering pillbug's Dmod that was released earlier, titled "Happy Sunshine Land".

Rather than giving a full run down on the story, I think it would be best to just play it for yourself, as it's definitely worth it. I'll just describe how well the story is put together.
It is a pretty well thought out storyline that fits well with the title of the Dmod and it kept me interested. However, there are a few parts that could be changed to make it a little more interesting. Also, at one part it took me a while to figure out where to go, to be more specific without ruining the story for anyone - 'The fence part', at one point Dink simply says "I have a feeling I shouldn't go there yet" (or something similar to that), and then when you pass a certain point in the story, you can suddenly walk through, without much direction given to the player, so this makes it a little confusing at first.... and can sometimes lead to boredom if the player can't figure out where to go.

As far as I could see, there aren't any 'real' new graphics, only graphics made by other dinkers that have been included, and as far as I know, proper credit has been given where it should be.

The Dmod was well-mapped - the mapping wasn't extensively detailed, but it worked well. It's easy to lose interest in a Dmod when it is full of pure empty, or mostly empty screens, as you can become bored, since it is dull to look at. I didn't lose interest playing this. However, like I said, it wasn't extensively detailed and it definitely could have been a little better in some places. An example of such an area is 'The Forest of Eternal Night' - this area wasn't empty enough to become boring, but it could have been better detailed with more time spent on it to improve it.

The way in which the sounds and music have been used, and the areas and situations they are used in, fit perfectly in my opinion. They fit the areas well, and they set the correct 'mood' in the Dmod. The Final boss music obviously doesn't fit a 'battle' theme, but it fits with the situation and the 'personality' of the end boss (The theme was obviously intended for comedy purposes).

Overall, it was well-made Dmod that is worth the download. The storyline is interesting, the mapping is ok, and it is a fun Dmod to play.

Score: 8.6

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