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August 11th 2022, 02:22 PM
Peasant He/Him Canada
Millimeter is Wee-Lamm, Recording Artist. :-) 
Thank you for the HD update link, Robj ... this has gotten me back on the boat. =D

As for my fix attempts, I had duplicated cleg to cleg-2 so cleanup is simply deleting my changes then renaming cleg-2 back to cleg.

So far, it looks amazing and there seems to be a lot more under the hood than I had expected.

Somewhat off topic but I am working on a tool that would allow us to use a single global &value to function as 31 bools or optionally for multiple small collections. An example would be, if the story line requires finding 8 keys, tracking which have been found, and which have been used, we could track these in 1 &value rather than 24, and still have 7 bits for some other use.

So far the math is very simple, I'm working on building a demo of sorts to let people see if they can break it.
My roadblock so far is working with return, so I don't need a global and purge mechanics for that. Perhaps this HD update will solve that for me as well.