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August 19th 2020, 01:02 PM
Peasant He/Him United States bloop rumble
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
dink frooze up leaving the water spot, but i dont want to say to much, which i maybe did?

Okay, I think you are telling me that Dink froze up when leaving the Pool of Sorrows? I can see how you could get stuck there if you wait too long. That should no longer be a problem.

If there is some other place where water is that you found that Dink seemed to freeze in place, then you will need to give me a better hint about what that location is. Better yet, if you do want to tell me that you think something should be fixed or should be changed and you don't want to tell others about that surprising part of the game, then please use the "Private Message" part of this forum (that appears when you log in) to give me a different message about it.

and there is astrangee stepback on that screen
there is only a narrow spot to leave the screen
1 cm up and you return to the same screen were you left
that works the same from the other side wntering that screen
at the wrong place you will be entering the screen you left
one of those moments frooze up entirly except for "alt+enter" so i could use the big X

Yes, there is only one small place to enter the Pool of Sorrows. That is the way it is supposed to be.

The only other place I can think of that has "a narrow spot to leave the screen" near a body of water is also supposed to be that way.

the starting screen guesses that i use 109.6, ok
but it only reacts on key 6,7, m, cursors, enter, thats only in-game-keys and IGNORES the mouse click although it insist in a loud mous-sound

I don't have access to 109.6, so I cannot reproduce this problem that you seem to have with Robj's version checking code. However, it seems to me that there is a workaround, so I'm glad you could figure out how to continue playing.

i want to make a remark on the 'floating comments' which are used in severall dmods by severall writters. but i dont know at which place that should be.

i can read since i was 5
So, stop treating people as if they are to stupid to read and MAKE them wait 10-20 seconds PER FREAKING SH!T LINE

for me a reason to QUIT that joke and dont come back to it, realy anoying

just like that dude the QUITS THE WHOLE dink if you did "not" play part one yet


maybe thats a stupid remark
but realy
if i am to stupid to play dink
then i WONT

Okay. So I think you are complaining about the lines of narration that start in mid screen in white text, then float up off the screen when you press the [space] key. I had no idea that this bothers some people so much! I have been using this technique for about 5 years, since I first started writing dmods and no one else has complained about it.

However, I certainly don't want to discourage anyone that wants to play my dmods. So, for this one, I'll try a new version of my scrolling text routine I worked on "just for you". Instead of waiting for a space key-press before causing the text to float up and allowing it to be seen floating away, I'll change the code to start the floating of the text right away and make another change that makes the space key-press cause the next text to instantly appear to scroll up just under the previous text.

Please let me know what you think of this new change in the 0.93 beta release that I'll be uploading in a few minutes.