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April 29th 2019, 05:24 PM
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can't flim flam the glim glam 
he deleted it. i was there when it happened. very tragic, very sad.

he came into the discord one day and posted a long, melodramatic poem about his dmod. we begged and begged for him not to delete the dark avilan, but his mind was set. he whipped up a stream and deleted it before our very eyes. not only that, he used file shredder. he then plugged in his flash drive and shredded the contents of that, too. after that, there was a black screen which we stared at for a good 10 minutes or so, waiting in anticipation of what would come next.

finally, robj himself appeared, a mask adorned with pagan symbols of varying colours upon his face. he announced that he would be sacrificing his computer to his god. then, he promptly switched the stream source to his phone and we witnessed the brutal end of his computer. he sliced it right down the center and pulled the cpu out, chanting some phrases in what i can only assume was abyssal. the cpu caught fire and he laughed maniacally. the stream abruptly ended after that, leaving us in shock and disgust. shortly after, robj's account was banned for violations of terms of service and we later found out he had disappeared, leaving behind cryptic messages on his victims as he made his way to whatever gods-forsaken temple or lair his cult hides in.

i'm afraid it won't be released for a few days. :\