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May 25th 2018, 06:36 PM
Peasant Male France

I was working on making a large app run in the browser with the new WebAssembly technology,
and I realized porting GNU FreeDink in the browser would be an easier first task

Here is a first version that can play Dink, in your browser, and there's also a button for locally loading your D-Mod:

> <
(WebAssembly, fast, recent browser needed)

> <
(to play a D-Mod that you don't have on your disk)

This is a first version that can be further polished and I'm working on making things smoother.

! I'm much interested in beta-testers to check these with various browsers and devices. !
How does it work for you / your D-Mod? What's your browser & device?

Palette tricks supported

Alternate version:
(ASM.js version, slower but should work on older browsers)