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2009-01-01 23:01:01
Peasant Male France

I'm doing a better Dink translation in French and I also got contacted by Дамјан who is translating Dink in Macedonian

I need help from English speakers here for a couple things:

- "The Cast" - obviously this is the name of the group of villains that you have to defeat. However, the word "Cast" can have multiple meanings and is difficult to translate. What meaning do you give it in this context?

- Goblin talk - is hard to understand, but I figured out most of it.
However, I couldn't make sense of a few text (maybe they don't make sense at all). Could you "translate" those in English?

Gro'k ki owab dakis gedi!
Tig glock sigre!
Oston tewers inat'l meen o mistary!
Hoglim dack byork!

(They are found in Story/EN-GH.c Story/EN-GS.c Story/S3-GH.c and Story/S3-GS.c)


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