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2011-06-18 14:04:29
Peasant Male France
I tried to port windinkedit a while ago, but I made a couple bad choices (C/GObject instead of C++, PyGtk's codegen instead of python-ctypes) that slowed me down. I was also trying to make the code reusable for other projects, but doing it in addition to the porting proved too difficult.

The dependency on MFC (for the GUI parts, specific to windows) is not such a problem, because windinkedit only uses basic MFC features, and in particular it does _not_ really use the Model/View framework.

In the mean time I found other challenges to tackle (starting with the PSP port ), and I haven't came back to this project since then.

The latest code of windinkedit is available under the GNU GPL (I had asked Nexis and WC at the time). I don't know about windinkedit+ though.


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Movie2000 TutorialDevelopment, TutorialGood 7.5July 22nd, 2003

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