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Peasant Male France

Long-time Dinker here, I currently maintain GNU FreeDink, Dink Translation, used to co-maintain The Dink Solutions.

I lost my "9 Gems of Life II" redux in a disk crash years ago and never got the courage to start a real D-Mod since. Someday I will

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2008-08-01 09:17:08
Peasant Male France
Thanks for testing

> When I tried to add the sources via the utility I got this error:

Duh, I removed the 'www.' part to make it shorter, but redirects to, and apt doesn't support http redirects :/ I fixed the instructions

I didn't test with Xubuntu specifically but indeed it's meant to work (for Debian distros >= 2007).

> it just looks like Windowed mode without the border and in the absolute left-top corner.
> This might have been due to running Seth's dink.exe under Wine

Hmmm, does it persist if you restart X / reboot the computer? Also, is the rest of the screen black, or do you still see part of the desktop?

SDL (the game library) will adapt to the screen resolution, by either switching the resolution, or centering the game in a bigger black screen (if direct resolution is not available). You seem to get something different so I wonder if the problem lies somewhere else (maybe, as you mentioned, Wine messing up the screen configuration or something).

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