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DFArc 3

DFArc is a front-end: it makes it easy to start the game with different options, launch the editor, manage D-Mods, etc.

DFArc 3 is a new, cross-platform version.
It also adds a few new features:
- resizeable windows
- remove savegames and backup files from creating a D-Mod
- translated in multiple languages (Finnish, French, German, Italian, Macedonian and Polish)
- supports system-wide and per-user D-Mods installation (for when you're not administrator)
- and more! (see NEWS)

Make sure you have these DLLs installed (extract them in the Dink directory along with DFArc):
Released:June 6th, 2018
File Size:2.34 MB
Release Notes:This release fixes CVE-2018-0496: Sylvain Beucler and Dan Walma discovered several directory traversal issues in DFArc, an extension manager for the Dink Smallwood game, as well as in Dink Smallwood HD, allowing an attacker to overwrite arbitrary files on the user's system.

Also in this release:

- New Swedish and Friulian translations.

- Updated Catalan, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish translations.

- Fix crash when clicking on 'Package' when there is no D-Mod present.

- Compilation fixes for OS X.

- Reproducible build process for Windows (as well as GNU/Linux depending on your distro) - see
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