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Dink Smallwood Worldmap

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19200 pixels wide and 8000 pixels high worldmap of Dink Smallwood. Contains every area of the game excluding house interiors, unused screens and caves. Because all the screens are taken with WinDinkEditPlus some areas of the game like the Duck Altar in Windemere is empty. Thanks to WC, Gary Hertel and gamehampe I couldn't have done this without it. Seriously. Expect an update that brings the caves to map within two or in the worst-case scenario, three weeks.
Released:July 28th, 2009
File Size:115.08 MB
Release Notes:19200 pixels wide and 8000 pixels high map of Dink Smallwood. It took me about nine hours to make it. Pictures were taken in WinDinkEdit Plus, thanks to gamehampe, WC and Gary Hertel I couldn't have done this without it, and compiled using Photoshop CS2. Because of that, some areas like the Duck Altar in Windemere are empty, but this will be changed in the next update. The map contains every area of the game, excluding caves, house interiors and Darklands. Caves and Darklands will be added in the next update, but the house interiors are useless so I won't add them.
April 10th, 2022
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant They/Them Australia
After being inspired by this file, I attempted to make something that produces a big PNG out of Dink map screens by reading Dink/Map.dat. Unfortunately by the end of it, I had only managed to get tiles working, with sprites requiring Dink.ini to be parsed which is a nightmare in itself. I realised that overall I had spent far more time than Demian had just screenshotting WinDinkEdit and stitching them together in Photoshop and didn't have a working result.

This map looks superb except for the Darklands being excluded, and the pretty awful tiling inconsistencies around the Edge of the World. In the case of the latter, RTSoft is to blame, but it would have been nice if Demian had made an attempt at editing the tiles in those areas a bit so as to introduce some coherence. I do not fault him for not doing this though, as it's beyond the scope of what he set out to achieve.