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September 17th 2017, 03:31 PM
Using Ver. 1.01, The screen lock still does not go away.

Starting the game from the save machine in the screen immediately to the right of the icon selection screen.

When I go left, the icon selection "box" is closed, BUT I can still walk to any of the three icons and it is automatically selected.

The selection "box" then Opens again, showing the blank space where the icon was before I selected it.

Dink is still standing on the blank icon location and the "box" then closes. No action on my part yet.

Dink can activate the icon in his backpack (it is displayed in the control panel right hand box). BUT the screen is still locked and Dink cannot move to either right or left screens.

If I hit "CTRL" to "use" the icon, a dialog asks me to either "prepare to use the icon on the BSod" or to do nothing. If I choose "prepare", the dialog closes, but the screen remains locked. If I choose "do nothing", the dialog closes and still the screen remains locked.

Not working yet...