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September 14th 2017, 09:21 AM
Peasant Male Japan
New version of Dink HD beta released, has the following changes:

------ Change log for 1.7.1 ----------

(big thanks to Redink1 for most of these bug reports and the fancy shadows patch!)

* (Windows) Fixed app icon
* (Windows) Mouse-controlled screens in DMODs control better and hide the original mouse cursor
* (Windows) Now remembers screen size and fullscreen mode (don't forget, you can drag the window corners around to customize the screen size as well)
* (Windows) Input URL input area gets focus by default when installing a DMOD by URL
* (bugfix) Can no longer tap F8 during a game load to load a save state too early which can freeze the game
* (bugfix) Fixed issue where 32 bit tilebitmaps would go wonky when reloading the surface
* Default color under status bar is now black, fixes issue when transparent colors are used in the stats area, random garbage would show through
* (windows) Version # is now shown in title bar
* (bugfix) Fixed some issues with how default offsets are calculated, it fixed some problems where sprites would be in the wrong place in certain DMODs
* (bugfix, windows) "Smoothing" no longer incorrectly turns on if you lose/regain focus
* (windows) Added "Windowed Borderless fullscreen mode" toggle, defaults to off. It will try to do 640X480 at your native monitor resolution by default now on
a clean install. If you've dragged the dink window to a weird size it won't be able to go fullscreen which is kind of weird, but it does give a clear error message. It should probably
enumerate graphic modes and choose one if the current one is invalid, or let the user choose, meh
* Added redink1's "soft shadow improvement" patch
* (proton) Fixed issue with blitting alpha things to the background, fixed an issue with the new soft shadows (shadows under things like houses would be black due to not copying alpha right)

If you're using the last beta, it should automatically prompt you to update.

Link same as before: