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September 12th 2017, 01:21 AM
Peasant Male Japan
Update: I've put the Dink HD source code on SVN here: svn://

I don't really expect anybody to get their hands dirty with it, but just having it out there is a good thing.

If anybody did want to give it a shot, here are the directions from its programmer_readme.txt file:

* First, be able to compile and run the proton example RTSimpleApp. More info at on installing and setting up proton
* Move the RTDink directory checkout to a sub directory of your proton dir. (it works exactly like a proton example - you can still svn update/commit like normal, svn allows you to move around dirs like that)
* Sign up at and download FMod Studio for Windows. Unzip to <proton dir>\shared\win\fmodstudio, so you should have a proton\shared\win\fmodstudio\api dir, etc.
* Install Visual Studio 2017 (Community version works fine and is free) and open RTDink\windows_vs2017\iPhoneRTDink.sln
* Set the profile to "Release GL" and "Win32". (or "Debug GL" is ok too) Compile. If it worked, you should have a dink.exe created in DinkHD/bin.
* Install DinkHD from (media is not svn, so this is a way to get it..) Overwrite its dink.exe with your new one. It should run!

One problem is examples don't have Visual Studio 2017 project files so it's a little hard to even get started there unless you're a MSVC pro, but I plan on updating those within a few weeks.