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May 16th 2014, 10:40 PM
Anyone could pick an incomplete project up and finish it anytime, DackFight.On the other hand, BTtG is specifically Sphinx's and Striker's creation: it was made from their specific talents, ideas and wit. Unless you have a personality so similar to his and are on almost the exact same wavelength as theirs to recreate this DMOD in just the way they would, it just wouldn't be the same.

Striker, I'm absolutely happy that you have found an awesome place in your life at the moment and that you are currently pursuing it. While it's disappointing that you're not finishing this DMOD (anytime soon), life is rather short to not experience what you choose to. As I was told when I was a little girl, "Follow your heart, and follow the sun."

What the future holds for BTtG, no one really knows. Maybe one day I and fellow BTtG fans will get to see a completed project, but your dreams and aspirations come first for you, and I respect that.

Thanks for at least attempting a few times to finish it. Something like this epic DMOD really does require a lot of attention and commitment; even if it is just a game.