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creating a new dmod

January 12th 2009, 11:56 AM
I have been away for a quite some time. Now I want to make a new dmod.

But I have forgotten how to start making. A few years ago I can remember I made it in a combination with dfarc and the frontend. But now when I download a dmod and unpack it it wont make maps with map story, graphics, map etc. in it. Has Dfarc change when I was away?????

I can't run an empty skeleton dmod in dfarc?

Can it be a problem that I have windows vista?

Why does dfarc not show a map for example: I have downloaded my dmod I made the ultimate challenge. When I unpack the dmod it doesn't show my storyfile, graphicsfile etc.etc.

I know there are tutorials but I have read them but I can't find out what I am doing wrong?

When I completed my dmod the ultimate challenge I've started to create another dmod but I never have finished that one I found a backup of it but it is in .dmod file how can I extract it to see the graphics, scripts etc.?????????????????????????

Please help????
January 12th 2009, 02:06 PM
Bard Male Netherlands
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Dink v1.08 comes with DFArc 2, which has an integrated frontend. There's no real need to have a separate frontend with Dink v1.08.

For editing the mapfile you need an editor, DinkEdit comes with the main game and WinDinkEdit is another popular editor. In DFArc 2 you need to activate the developer buttons first, just click "Edit" then click "Options" and check the box saying "show developer buttons".

And DFArc should just unpack your .dmod file into your main Dink Smallwood directory. Could you specify exactly what happens after you try to unpack it?
January 12th 2009, 02:36 PM
it is unpacking and I can play the dmod but it doesn't make a map with the maps story, graphics, map etc. It still stays a small .dmod file. I really don't know what I am doing wrong. please help????
January 12th 2009, 03:24 PM
Bard Male Netherlands
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If you can play the DMOD, it has been unpacked and a folder has been created. Dink can't play .dmod files, so there should be a new folder in your main Dink Smallwood directory.

DFArc doesn't delete the .dmod file. So imagine you installed Dink in "C:\Dink" and you saved the .dmod file in "C:\Downloads". After you unpack the .dmod file there will be a .dmod file in C:\downloads and a new folder in C:\Dink, not in C:\downloads.
January 12th 2009, 03:29 PM
yes, I know but it is strange because in either of the two files I can't find it. And the weirdest thing is that I searched the file in my computer with a big search but the computer can't find the file. So I have no idea what is going wrong on my pc
January 19th 2009, 01:44 AM
Peasant Male Finland
I got the same problem.
January 19th 2009, 02:51 AM
Bard Male Finland bloop
cigarette bonca 
Perhaps it's some kind of security feature so that you can't see the folder? Something like the "show hidden files and folders" checkbox in XP.

My best advise is to look at Vista's settings on folders or the settings of your antivirus program, and google the internet for similar problems- If it's really some Vista "feature" people should be complaining about it all over the place.
February 3rd 2009, 04:16 PM
Peasant Female Canada
Vista?? *eeeeeeeek*