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Echoes of the Ancient-Walkthrough

Echoes of the Ancients

April 3rd 2016, 05:12 AM
Go outside, meet the wizard. Now you need to go see him at his cabin on the east side of the river. You can walk behind the waterfall, but there is a rock blocking your way. You can smash it, but you will need a strength of 6 to do it. Look around for power potions to boost your strength. You can get the herb boots too, by talking to a tree. You will know the tree when you see it. Once you have a strength of 6, hit the rock by the waterfall, and then walk behind the waterfall to the other side. Find the wizard's cabin. Enter and talk to him. He'll tell you that you need to find a sword. If You haven't found the sword already, find it. Go to a screen north of the wizard's cabin that has a Bonca and a large rock. Push the rock towards the east and enter the cavern. Get the sword and talk to the wizard again. He makes some stairs appear. Go down the stairs. Collect the bomb bag and "talk" to the bed. When you wake up, go upstairs and talk to the wizard again. He tells you that you need to find and speak with a dragon. First go south from the cabin and find a treasure chest. Open it and collect 500 gold.

Go back to the west side of the river. Search for someone who has access to knowledge about dragons. You will find this person in a house near the western side of town. He has to do research so come back shortly. He tells you that if you let a fairy go by the waterfall, you can follow it and get a clue how to find the dragon. Go along the beach and find a hut. There is a girl there that has lost her top. go west along the beach. You will find a hut that sells clothes. Buy a top for her and bring it to her. She tells you there is a secret under her bed. Move her bed north and find some stairs. Go down there and catch a fairy. Bring it to the waterfall and let it go by equipping it and "using" it. Follow for a few screens and watch where it disappears. Set a bomb there and enter. If you have no bombs, one can be bought at the bomb hut on the west side of town. Buy another one while you are at it because you will need another one at some point.

Meet with the dragon. It tells you that you need to find the ruins of an ancient culture, enter their temple, and find an artifact. You will then bring the artifact back to the dragon and get further instructions. Go back to the southwest corner of the "town" by the beach. Go into the western-most of the two huts and talk to the person there. He gives you a clue as to the location of the ruins. If you don't have another bomb, go get one. Find the area library. Go into the back room and place a bomb half way between the support beam and the number 8 on the floor. An entrance to a cavern opens. Enter the hole. When you want to leave the cavern, just step into the light area.

Inside the cavern, go north until you find the old Drumloni village. Explore the area. All the Drumloni huts in this area are in ruins except the one in the front. When you find the temple, the entrance is protected by an electric field. Go east of the temple and find a crystal on a stick. Hit the crystal. Search for something that has changed. Southwest of the temple, there are some stairs that will have appeared. Go down there. One of the rocks blocking the way is the same type that blocked your path behind the waterfall and you can smash it by hitting it. Go down the stairs. There is a stick with a flame on it. Hitting the stick will make a fireball fly in the direction that you hit the stick. Hit the 3 crystals. Then go to the one intact hut in the area. Some stairs have appeared there. Go down the stairs and you will see an electric transformer thing. Blow it up and you can now go and enter into the temple.

Drumloni Temple:
Talk to the whale if you want. Then work your way East. Find a key in a chest. Then work your way west and find a door to open. "Talk" to it and go through. You will come to a room with a gap you cannot get across. There is a tank of sorts with a fireball on the end. If you hit this tank, a fireball shoots out towards the right side of the screen. There is another object in the room that can be pushed and a crystal on the other side of the gap. Push the object again and again until it is in a position where the fireball bounces off of it at an angle and hits the crystal. If you have pushed the reflector too far and can't move it back, leave the room and then re-enter so that its position will be reset. A bridge will appear when the crystal gets hit with a fire-ball from the tank. Cross the bridge and find a room. There is another locked door, but you won't have a key to that yet. There is a switch that you can hit to turn something off (the light changes from green to red). Go back east and find an area to enter and go downstairs now that the electric field is gone. Work your way north, then east past some enemies. Hit some pictures on the wall that correspond to seasons. Hit them in the order they are in the year - winter, spring, summer, fall. A section of wall disappears and you can go right and get a key from a chest. Now go back to the room where the other locked door was and go through it. The wall closes and you are trapped. Go kill all the fire-slugs in the room and a stone guy smashes through a wall to come after you. You must kill him. There is an easy way to do this. In case you can't figure this out, look below for advice on fighting the tougher enemies.

Once you get out of that room, go north a couple screens. You will see a "boss door". You need to find the "boss key". Go east and search this area. You can find a fire-ball spell and get an upgraded sword as well as assorted other goodies. At the bottom right of this area is a place to go underground. After you go underground go right and see another locked door. This one needs a regular key, so you have to find that. Go right again and see a well with a ladder. "Talk" to the well and descend. Go north a few screens and talk to a giant frog. He creates a vortex for you to go through and find a key. There will be several other goodies in that area too so do a good search of this area. You will find the key in a treasure chest on an elevated area in the lower middle part of the area. Once you find the key and have done a search in the area, go back through the vortex and back up the ladder. Open the locked door you saw earlier and get the boss key. Then go back to the boss door and open it. Save your game then go north and fight a gold knight. See below for advice if you have trouble with this boss. Once you have killed him, go north and collect the relic. You can just walk right across the center of the gap even thought it won't look like it. Have some faith here. Once you have this relic, leave and go back and talk to the dragon again.

Leave the dragon's lair and go north. Check out the area to the west and then go east again into a new area called East Dock.

East Dock area:
Work your way east and slightly north to find a man at a dock. Talk to him and he tells you that no boat goes to the island that you seek, so you will have to find your own transportation. Go west and find an isolated house. Enter and talk to the occupant. He tells you that he will help you out if you find a dead skunk and place it in his cousin's house. Go back to the dock and go a couple screens south to find a guy that gives you a dead skunk (although it won't show up in your inventory). find a house with a locked door and choose the option to get on the roof and go down the chimney. Watch the cut-scene. Then go east to the shore and go north until you find a raft. Either step onto the raft of talk to it and it tells you that you need to find a map. Go slightly west and then slightly north and then west again and talk to the tree king. He makes a vortex for you to go through. Go through it.

Agricultural area:
This area has a couple houses in the north and an agricultural area and cave within the fertile area. There is also a barn near a corn field. Go in the barn and talk to a pile of straw. leave and talk to a scarecrow. Find the cave and touch the force-field or read the sign. Now go back and talk to the straw-pile again. Because you were rude to it before, it will only dispel the barrier if you find and drink 9 bottles of politeness potion. Search the whole area (you DON'T need to go back through the vortex). One bottle is in a house. One on the west side of the area is under a rock you can smash. It should be easy to find them all. Once you have consumed all 9, you can go back to talk to the pile of straw again. Now you can go enter the cave and you find a mysterious shrine (temple) area.

April 3rd 2016, 05:14 AM
Mystery shrine:
Go east until you find an area with one of those rocks you can smash. Smash it an go into a hole. Fill up your bomb bag. Go east and there is a cracked rock you can blow up. You can find a locked door. Behind that is another locked door, so you will need to find two keys. Go east until you can go north. Work your way east and north until you find a lock-screen with some enemies. Kill them all and the screen unlocks as well as a cave entrance appears. Enter the cave, go down, work your way around (watch out for the fire-balls!) until you find a key in a chest. Leave this area and get back to the main temple area. Go to the north-western most part of the temple. You will see a fairy disappear there. Bomb that spot and a hole appears. Go into it and open a chest to find the other key. Go back to the south-east part of the shrine and unlock the two doors. Now kill the "wazzit". If you have trouble, see below. Go north until you see a green pipe with a valve. "talk" to it to turn the water off. Now go to the north-west part of the temple and go back into the hole where you found the one key (the area that had all the water). The water is gone now, and you see you can go underground again. Talk to the turtle. Leave this area and go south. You will now see a ladder that wasn't there before. You will have to work your way back where you first entered the temple and go north to get to the ladder. Once you are on top, smash a couple rocks and go down a hole. Go west until you get to a dragon statue. Touch it and you are warped to a place. Get the scroll on the ground. This is the spell of awakening. You will need it. Then talk to the woman and she tells you there is no map for where you want to go, you will need to visit the Shrine of the Fates to get the fates to guide your raft. Now go back and leave this shrine completely.

Spell of Awakening:
To find out what to do with the spell of awakening you will need to find a clue if you haven't already. Go back through the vortex to the East Dock area. West of the house where you went down the chimney is a rock blocking a cave. Smash the rock and enter the cave. Talk to a wizard and agree to go down the pit. Find another dragon and talk to it. He gives you an important clue and then warps you back to the surface. There is cool stuff to see down there besides finding the secret, so maje sure to do that. Now go back through the vortex that the tree king provided and find a Palm tree near a cornfield. This is north of the cave where you enter the mystery shrine. Use the spell of awakening to wake the Palm Tree and then talk to the Palm Tree after it is awake. It makes some stairs appear. Go down there and find another magic scroll called the "Icarus Spell". Go back to the East Dock area and find a weird statue south of the house where the guy sent you to find a dead skunk. Go up to the statue and cast the spell. You will ascend to a cloudy area.

Cloud Haven:
Go north, then west until you find a bridge enveloped in clouds. Try walking across the bridge. Dink quickly chickens out for fear of falling. Now you must find a way of dealing with that. Find a church and talk to someone in there. It is along the northern edge of Cloud Haven. He sells you a secret. There is a statue of a woman north of where you first appear at Cloud Sanctuary. Push it towards the west. It won't move, but some stairs appear. Go down there and buy the hell-fire spell. It is a corrupted spell, so it charges very slowly. Equip it now, so it can start charging. If you go along the north portions of the area, you briefly see a fairy behind some rocks. Go there and you will find a small cavern. The occupant gives you a clue as to what to do next. Go south into a more heavily wooded area and find a well that is out of place. Hit the well with the Hell-fire spell. A fairy appears and tells you to buy a drink at the tavern called a "Zealous Croc". This only works if you have already attempted to cross the cloud bridge. If not, go do that and hit the well with Hell-fire again. Then go to the tavern for the drink. Now you get the courage to cross the bridge where you can get a key from a chest. Use this to get through the gate nearby. Then you can get into the "Sanctuary of the Fates".

Sanctuary of the Fates:
Enter the structure and go down the stairs. It is mostly dark. Grope your way north (and slightly east) to the next room. Keep to the left because there are dangerous thorns to the right. You'll grope your way to a room to the left. There you'll see a wooden object on the left side of the room. Go hit this object and the lights will come on. Then go back to where you first came down stairs and you see some rocks you can break, a bomb, and a rock you can blow up. Do all that and then enter a hole. Talk to the mosquito and play his game until you get a spell. It is another corrupted spell - a version of "Acid rain magic". You need this to destroy thorn plants that will block you from getting through this temple. After you leave the mosquito's lair, go north a couple of screens. You will see the entrance to an inner part of the shrine, but you will need another spell to get inside there. Continue west a couple screens. Go over the bridge and east and up. Hit that wooden thing. go down and east and back under the bridge to the screen that had all the thorn plants. Another wooden thing has appeared. Hit that and then back to the other wooden thing. A ladder will has now appeared. Go down that then up one screen. Then east a couple screens. You will find a room with some objects including a table and a crate. Push the table west then north. Then push the crate west, then north. Then just walk onto the crate and you will walk across the table and then onto the ledge. Go west to get a key, and then back east to find another key. Unlock and go through a couple doors and follow the path around until you get to a dragon statue that takes you to a desert.
April 3rd 2016, 05:18 AM
Desert of sorrows:
Go right one screen and there is a yurt. Go right again and there is a second yurt. Enter it and talk to the woman. Her child is ill. You can help her by getting some medicine for him. Go back and enter the first yurt to get a key. Then back right a couple screens to a gate that you can enter with this key. go north then west until you find a small village of yurts. Find the medicine woman's yurt and talk to her. Find the storage yurt nearby and grab the medicine bag by touching it. Go south a few screens put of the main village along the eastern edge until you find an isolated yurt. Talk to the man in the bed. Get a spell from him that dispels a type a magical barrier. This is the spell that you need to get into the main desert oasis, and also the same spell you need to get into the fates inner sanctum. Go west and follow the ledges around until you come to a magic barrier. Go south into the oasis until you find stairs to an underground cavern. Walk over flowering cacti until the medicine bag is full. Now go back to the medicine woman's yurt and talk to her again. She gives you some tonic. Take it back to the woman with the sick boy and talk to her. Now you can leave the desert and head back into the shrine. Use the same spell that you used to get into the oasis to also get into the fates inner sanctum. After a cut-scene, a fate agrees to guide your raft. Now you can leave the shrine. Go east along the norther edge of Cloud Haven until you see a stone tower. Enter the tower and go to the top to talk to the wizard who will warp you back to the ground. Now the raft will take you to Thestle Island.

Thestle Island:
Explore the island. Somewhere there is a cave to enter but it is blocked by a grate. Here and there, you will see some rocky brown statues that you can hit. A small red light comes on. When you have hit all those (there are 5) the grate will disappear and you can enter there. Go below and work your way north and east and then north and west until you can go further underground. Make sure to find a key before going down the second stairs though. once you are down there, there will be a door to unlock, but you will need two more keys. So work your way south and east and then south again. Open a chest to get one key and then keep working your way west along the southern wall. Go down some stairs and talk to the dead dragon carcass king. He makes a vortex for you to enter into a new area. Here you need to find another key and a new weapon that you will be needing. So Find those. You will need to work your way east a fair ways, and then south and then southwest. The chest with the key is near the southwest of this area. You will need to work your way around a path to get there. In the middle south there is a secluded area with a house. Enter the house and go down stairs which leads to a tunnel and then go east and up some stairs into a new little area. Work your way around until you find the temple of the skull. Enter it and go downstairs. Explore down there until you find a chest with a magical throwing shield. This is a good ranged weapon. Now you can return through the vortex that leads back to the ddc king. Re-enter the main dungeon and work your way around to open the two locked doors. Go south until you see more stairs. Go down there. Go north, kill two slayers, then go north for a couple more screens. To your surprise, a vortex gets activated by the relic you found in the first temple. Enter the vortex. You are now in the Realm of the Imprisoned. Explore the area until you find this dungeon boss. You must defeat him and then you will finish the dmod.

Tough enemies?:

Stone guy:
Once he smashes through a wall, he slowly comes after you. At the same time, a red barrel begins moving around. Every time you hit this barrel, an explosion occurs through a hole in the center of the room. Lure the stone guy over this area (while avoiding it yourself) and hit the red barrel when the stone guy is near that hole. Repeat this until the stone guy is dead. Once he is dead, you can leave to the next area.

The Gold Knight: Probably the easiest way to beat this guy is to let the blaster get him. Just avoid the blaster's fireballs yourself! If you need more hearts, you can kill enemies that generate spontaneously from the red barrel in the middle of the room. If the blaster doesn't get him, you will have to hack away at will while staying out of range of his attacks. Above all, stay away from the blaster's fireballs. Be patient.

The wazzit:
It's a strange thing in the mystery shrine. It moves around and frequently a hole opens on top to eject a bomb that comes after you. Do NOT use your hyper boots here as the script is adjusted for that and it will only make it harder. The thing to remember is that whatever hurts you will also hurt the wazzit (including the bombs). When running from the bombs, use diagonals and go back and forth in the area around the wazzit so that when the bomb explodes, the wazzit will be injured. Just try to not get injured yourself. It may help to also drop some of your own bombs around the wazzit if you have any.

The final boss:
Before you go to fight this, make sure your Hellfire is armed and charged (it charges very slowly in this dmod. Make sure you have the herb boots from near where the dmod begins (by talking to that one large tree). As soon as you enter the screen, get into the position to hit it with hellfire. When the boss is hit, it will charge you for a while, which is why you need the fast boots. Stay away the best that you can and also be careful to avoid his lighting missiles. When he stops chasing you, equip the throwing shield and hit him several times in succession. When he gets near you, switch to the fast boots and get out of his way. Whenever hellfire is charged, use that. It shouldn't be too hard to kill him.
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