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A lil' secret

Enter the Dead Dragon Carcass

March 24th 2015, 12:54 PM
Peasant He/Him Romania bloop rumble
I like Frutti Fresh 
I don't know if many of you noticed this, as it happens only after a period of time, and if you see a menu, you would click "play" in like 5 seconds, BUT..... I found a cool thing in the menu. And there may be chance that i'll look like a noob, BUT there is a chance i'm right.

So you see that woman with a knife in the hand which prepares to sacrifice that girl on the table, on the main menu? Well, just wait around 10 seconds, and something cool will happen! I don't wanna spoil it, cuz maybe there are people who don;t know this.(even though there isn't much to spoil : )) )