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WinDinkedit Plus 2

Here we have leprochaun in his natural habitat. He has quickly adopted WDE+2 as his go to editor. As you can see here he is currently detailing a map of some (as of posting) unreleased dmod.
Version 2 of WinDinkedit Plus brings a fair amount of bugfixes, together with a couple of new features like minimap detail level, script decompression and multiple sprite selection.

And much more, see changelog.txt!

*Best Non D-Mod File of Q4 2011*
Released:December 6th, 2022
File Size:1.57 MB
Release Notes:After a long decade, here's a small update to WinDinkedit Plus 2. Beside the little things listed below, this version comes with full source code! You can find that as a separate file.

New stuff:
* Automatically detect FreeDink, Dink HD, and classic Dink;
* The Dink installation to use is more granularly configurable;
* Run successfully without administrator mode;
* Screenmatch duplicate sprites are now marked with a red outline, and are picked up together (Shift+M);
* Stuff is now drawn with SDL instead of DirectDraw, resulting in better performance;
* A couple settings used to not be saved properly, this is now fixed;
* Some small UI improvements;
* Fixed a few bugs, added new ones... you know, the usual.
December 17th, 2011
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant She/Her New Zealand
Tag - Umm.. tag, you're it? 
Whilst WDE was great little editor for its time, dinkers have a habit of always seeming to want more from everything that gets produced here and RW you have not failed to deliver. This lovely version WDE+2 offers a lot more in the look and ease of use than Win Dink Edit+ now does, bringing it more up to date visually and with some additional and useful shortcut keys which I prefer to use. It opens a lot faster on the newer versions of windows – without the slight “hanging or lag” I experience now, all in all I am rather impressed.

Games "Under Construction" can transfer to being developed in this version with no glitches or anything being lost, changing or moving position so there is no "do-over" bits I have come across as yet (always a plus). Nice to see the menu tidied up of things not used or needed.

I really like the improved ability to see details more clearly - this version has a smoothed over look, as if it has rendered the details better so your map and screens are not so ‘pixelly’ to view which is visually more pleasing to the eye. I am rather pleased that the updated look supports Aero and the fact my desktop or task bar doesn't go black any more when I have WDE open For us dinkers who make graphics, we need to be aware of the increase in detail that is now available when making new sprites. Also love the updated/cleaned up look of the properties menu's.

New Features
You don't know how many times I have tried to scroll the map with my mouse in WDE without thinking and now it actually DOES IT, it scrolls the map with the middle scroll bar hehe, that feature is very useful and one I would use a lot.

Love that the minimap details without it having to be in a full screen

A really great new feature is the ability to increase or decrease the detail if you want to, this is especially useful to get a decent screenshot for a map Dink can use in- game. It is also very nice that you have fixed the “Screenshot” choice from the menu – it now doesn’t take a distorted or ‘on an angle’ shot or even a mere greyscale image heh, it does however take a nice screenie you are able to use and even had an added beep to let you know it is finished!

I also applaud the ability to enlarge the sprite selection window, I for one used to have trouble finding the smaller sprites because Win 7 made everything so much smaller than previous versions. However a ‘ reset to default’ button would be a nice addition.

Double click to add a new screen! How cool is that!

Love the being able to hold a sprite on your mouse (arrow keys) and move it across multi screens by both large increments (hold Shift and arrow keys) and especially like the ability to nudge it in smaller increments (control and arrow keys).

Resizing sprites is such a pleasure now, as you can click on a sprite and watch it reduce or enlarge as you press the [ or] keys. The visuals cut out the guess work of what percentage you want it and you get what you want with less effort and many less clicks into the properties box.

Whilst I very much like the fact that this runs separately from DFARC I feel that since you have done such a nice job of the visuals in other parts of the program, you could have updated the look of the dmod list for selection (to open) – it looks very ‘notepadish’ and unpolished when the rest is so “pretty” for want of a better word, which lets you down a bit.

One thing I feel would add to this, is the ability to select multiple sprites (maybe even the ability to ‘group’ these ) I think this would be great so there is no one sprite at a time deleting which can take ages if you don’t want to delete the screen)

I will be using this version solely from now on as it doesn’t remove any of the features I used in the old version – rather adds ease of use to the program in all ways. All in all a very nice job RW
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