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WinDinkedit Plus 2

Here we have leprochaun in his natural habitat. He has quickly adopted WDE+2 as his go to editor. As you can see here he is currently detailing a map of some (as of posting) unreleased dmod.
Released:December 6th, 2022
File Size:1.57 MB
Release Notes:After a long decade, here's a small update to WinDinkedit Plus 2. Beside the little things listed below, this version comes with full source code! You can find that as a separate file.

New stuff:
* Automatically detect FreeDink, Dink HD, and classic Dink;
* The Dink installation to use is more granularly configurable;
* Run successfully without administrator mode;
* Screenmatch duplicate sprites are now marked with a red outline, and are picked up together (Shift+M);
* Stuff is now drawn with SDL instead of DirectDraw, resulting in better performance;
* A couple settings used to not be saved properly, this is now fixed;
* Some small UI improvements;
* Fixed a few bugs, added new ones... you know, the usual.
Released:March 10th, 2012
File Size:969.35 KB
Release Notes:Fixed bug where random stuff got written to dink.ini after a few undo/redos of sprite hardness editing.
Released:March 8th, 2012
File Size:969.45 KB
Release Notes:Fixed bug where editing the hardness of a sprite that used default values crashed WDE+2.
Released:February 25th, 2012
File Size:970.48 KB
Release Notes:New stuff:
* Multi-sprite undo/redo switches back to multi-sprite mode;
* Multi-sprite pickup keeps the sprites in their original position (most of the time);
* If the cursor is now moved correctly with the arrow keys on the minimap even if it starts out of bounds;
* Cursor is moved to the correct place on multi-sprite pick/place undo/redo;
* Multiple sprites are placed correctly using Enter;
* The graphics (dir.ff) can now be unpacked (Tools -> Unpack graphics);
* Graphics pack/unpack shows the file being worked on in the status bar, cursor becomes a wait cursor;
* The minimap is automatically updated when screen properties (midi/inside) change;
* The sprite hardness editor zoom functionality works;
* Sprite hardness editor can also be zoomed with mouse wheel, zoom can be reset to 100% with Home;
* Sprite hardness editor can be exited without saving using Tab;
* Mouse cursor can be moved using numpad (8 directions), clicked using 0, right clicked using 5;
* More guesses are made when trying to find Dink installation;
* More checks are made that the Dink installation folder is correct;
* The Dink installation folder that WDE+2 uses can now be changed (File -> Dink installation folder);
* Sprite hardness/depth dot changes can be undone;
* The open DMod can be saved when another one is being opened;
* The open DMod can be closed (File -> Close);
* Screenshots are now generated correctly when not on the minimap;
* Word wrap enabled in DMod Create and Properties dialogs;
* Maximum undo buffer size increased from 1000 to 3000;
* Delete key can be used on the minimap to delete a screen;
* When detailing minimap, Escape key is checked after every screen instead of every row;
* When creating a DMod, if a skeleton was found, you are asked if you want to select another one;
* Minor GUI fixes.
Released:January 12th, 2012
File Size:962.95 KB
Release Notes:New stuff:
* Nohit in sprite context menu works correctly;
* Hover sprite sequence and frame are shown in the status bar;
* A DMod folder longer than 20 is no longer accepted in the New dialog;
* Dragging the screen around works well once again (even better than in the original);
* Doing anything while holding down Control, Shift, I, X, Z or Space is smoother;
* Implemented multiple sprite selection mode:
- can be activated using Y;
- sprites can be selected by clicking them;
- sprites can be selected by holding down Shift and drawing a box that intersects them;
- sprites can be selected by holding down Shift+Control and drawing a box that contains them;
- sprites can be picked up using P, only one copy of screenmatch duplicates is picked up;
- picked sprites can be put down by clicking or pressing Enter;
- sprites are only put down onto the screen under the mouse when screenmatch is off;
- context menu when nothing is selected or picked is the same as in sprite mode;
- context menu allows the change of hardness, nohit, type, brain, touch damage, vision, size and script;
- selected sprites can be deleted by pressing Delete.
Released:December 31st, 2011
File Size:949.10 KB
Release Notes:New stuff:
* Sprite nohit by default menuitem and button (N) added;
* Undo buffer size is now 250 by default;
* Script file is created on edit if it doesn't exist;
* Options dialog has a Defaults button;
* Open and Import dialogs look more modern;
* Selecting items in the left pane, most notably bringing up their context menu, is much smoother;
* Renaming a sprite library entry no longer leaves you with a hand cursor and an unclickable dialog;
* Undo system has been rewritten, now uses MUCH less memory;
* Undoing a non-screen action in minimap mode brings you back to screen mode;
* Images loaded directly (i.e. not from dir.ff) load faster;
* Dragging the screen stops immediately when you release the mouse button;
* Added option to use Hard/Nohit defaults on sprite stamp/place, too (not just sprite creation);
* Skeleton folder is now stored in the configuration file;
* Sprite and hardness selectors can be scrolled using the mouse;
* Tile hardness editor brush size can be changed using the mouse wheel;
* You can see the tile hardness editor brush change its size while holding down the resizing keys;
* Removed entry "Sprite" from screen context menu: it was unused;
* Renamed "Store sprite" in sprite context menu to "Add to sprite library";
* Sprite hard by default menu item is checked when option is on;
* No error is thrown when trying to open inexistent recent file (and it gets removed from the list);
* Added Hard and Nohit items (along with some separators) to the sprite context menu.
Released:December 17th, 2011
File Size:942.42 KB
Release Notes:List of new stuff:

* You can now change the detail level of the minimap
* The UI now uses visual theme if supported (Luna or Aero instead of Windows Classic);
* The editor no longer disables Aero under Vista/7;
* The last tile screen can be displayed with both ` and U;
* The screen can be moved 1 pixel at a time by holding down Control, 50 pixels by holding down Shift;
* The screen can be moved using the mouse wheel (Shift to move horizontally);
* The View and Display menus have been merged, and so have the Tools and Settings menus;
* The unused Cut/Copy/Paste commands have been removed;
* Undo/Redo has been added to the toolbar;
* The dialogs have been redesigned to look more consistent;
* The open and import dialogs now display the title of the DMods beside their name (folder);
* The command to open the DMod folder;
* The options dialog no longer mixes up 'show sprite info on hover' and 'show sprite hardness on hover';
* The size of preview squares in the sprite selector can be changed;
* The sprite hardness editor doesn't show artifacts while drawing hardness;
* Some dialog have better default focus;
* Menu items that depend on an open map are now disabled if one isn't open;
* Dialogs now use the anti-aliased Microsoft Sans Serif instead of the MS Sans Serif font;
* Things no longer get drawn over the toolbar and stuff if user moves the window before opening a DMod;
* The compressed scripts (.d) are shown in the list of scripts as well, they can be opened in a read-only way;
* The compressed scripts can be decompressed (.d -> .c);
* Selecting tile mode from the menu actually switches to tile mode (funny, huh?);
* The on-screen help text has a few more colors it can take;
* Base walk Auto button doesn't reset the contents of the entire sprite properties dialog;
* Pressing Ctrl-S doesn't stamp from clipboard;
* The minimap can be navigated using arrow keys, pressing Enter will load the screen under the mouse;
* The D key doesn't do two things at once in hardness mode;
* Sprites can now be placed correctly using the mouse when snap-to-grid is on;
* The Dink folder is stored in the configuration file, so we don't depend on dinksmallwood.ini anymore;
* Configuration file is now called wdep2cnf.ini;
* The detailed minimap renders even if the right pane is smaller than 600x400 pixels;
* Sprites can be resized using "[" and "]" keys;
* Other things I might have done but have forgotten about.