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Gorack, Umtar, and Shreik: The First Battle

Best title screen ever
June 1st, 2003
Score : 2.0 horrible
Peasant She/Her
Storyline: You have to defeat a knight. Why? I have no clue what so ever. The story is not explained, not in the readme.txt, not in the D-mod itself, and since the author says in the dmod.diz: 'I’m not giving away information!' there is no way you can find out what is going on in this D-mod or for what purpose.

Map and graphics: Quite an amazing title screen! Too bad the buttons do not go with it. The map is very nicely decorated and is a pleasure to look at: there are some benches in the forest so you can have a rest, and there are some rapids in the river. There are some new tiles that look rather good.

Music: Suits the situation.

Good: The map is done nicely, but since there is no story to this D-mod and therefore no gameplay, that seems really useless.

Not so good: No story, no explanation, no gameplay. Although the title screen, the new tiles and the map look nice, you need a lot more to make a decent D-mod. Besides that: there is a although the scripts are c. files. Some fish in the water disappear when you enter the screen. There are only two sprites you can talk to and what they say do not add anything. Almost all the houses are empty besides a bed. When you are fighting the knights, the credits already show.

Overall: A nice looking map but no game to play.

Remark: The map deserves a 8, the title screen a 9, but since there is no story to play, I can not but give the D-mod a low score.

Fit for: No one. Unless you want to have a look at a nicely decorated map. But if you want to look at a nice map, then you would be better of downloading a D-mod that has gameplay too.
January 17th, 2005
Score : 3.3 tolerable
Peasant He/Him Sweden
Gorack, Umtar and Shreik: The first battle.

No hardness error or bugs (at least I did not find any). Apart from many other romps, this one has a nice decorated map.
The title screen is very good, one of the best I have seen.

You do not know what to do when the game starts. There is no intro, no story, no hints or anything. There is not a single savebot in the game. The music is disturbing, except for the fighting and kidnap scence. Since Dink is not frozen when talking to people, one might leave a screen before some NPC said everything he was supposed to say. But on the other hand, the people in this game do not say much, so nothing of value will be missed. Apart from some pillbugs, there are only the three knights to fight so there is not much to do.

I have played romps worse than this but it is not the best romp either.
January 11th, 2005
Score : 1.0 horrible
The best thing I have to say about this dmod is that the title screen looks nice. Everything else is just bad. "The First Battle" is indeed a suitable name for this dmod, for I recall only having to fight one silly guard who had no special abilities whatsoever.
June 1st, 2004
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Noble He/Him United Kingdom
The title screen is wonderful, but it soon goes downhill. That may be an understatement though... falling off a cliff would be a better analogy.

There are quite a few buildings, but they are all empty apart from beds! Basically you wander around till you get captured, and then you fight the 3 knights.
The boss is nothing new, and you don't even have to kill all the knights to win the game!!

Really, this is not worth the dowload. Unless you like pretty title screens.
November 30th, 2002
Score : 2.8 horrible
Peasant He/Him
Though Gorack, Umtar and Shreik: The First Battle has some positive elements, it is indeed a bad D-Mod.

The title screen background is nice, but doesn't look very good with the Dink palette. Mike Snyder's buttons are made for black background, so they look really ugly with the more advanced background in this D-Mod. All you have to do is locating and killing three knights named Gorack, Umtar and Shreik. The music is OK, but still this D-Mod is short and very buggy.
April 17th, 2002
Score : 1.9 horrible
This was not the best dmod, but ok. Maybe it's just cuz I don't like going too hard on people. Nice title screen, but the mod goes downhill from there. Nothing new or innovative and little plot. You basically wander around until you discover a screen which reveals a cutscene that takes you to the end battle with the three knights. Overall, not the worst ever, but definately no match for, well, just about anything.