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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

Jameil released! The Cloud Castle series has always been full of bugs.
Released:July 14th, 2014
File Size:3.01 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed the offset on the Sahib's diague options to make an option you need to progress visible in Dink HD without having to cycle to an offscreen option.

- Ensured that beating Young Dink in boss mode in exactly 20 seconds will not permanently cause your weapons to make duck noises instead of attacking.

- Plugged a hole that allowed you to access Pencilhead's lair too early - sequence breaking here could potentially have incremented the story variable in an invalid way, so I'm hoping some other reported issues will be fixed by this.

- Modified the opening spear trap in the TOA so that it will react to missiles as well as melee when trying to safely trigger it - it shouldn't block missiles once triggered.

- Fixed some poor spelling and grammar (where it was obviously not character related anyway).

- Fixed a formatting issue with the script when entering the village during a late game event. This may or may not solve the crash that occurs Dink HD at this point - it fixed the issue for me but I've had trouble reintroducing the issue.

- Not a bug fix per se, but I modified how the light sword pickup script works in a way that should hopefully get around reported issues where the screen wouldn't unlock after taking it.

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Released:September 16th, 2009
File Size:3.00 MB
Release Notes:Version 1 - about as final as it's ever going to get,

Finally fixed REALLY ANNOYING BUG that would trap you in Alessa's home town. Seriously, I'm so sorry about that one.

Fixed freeze bug on the Desert Guardian scene, added XP.

Trees in the fire trial will now hurt you. If you, like, bury your face in them.

Prevented player from getting permanently screenlocked by Yin-Sul.

Prevented player from getting permanently screenlocked by the goblin scout party attack.

Prevented Dink from leaving dragon cave at a potentially game-breaking moment.

Ensured Pencilhead machine would keep spawning even if all spawns are killed.

Prevented party member duplication at endgame.

Fixed potions bug that allowed you to save whilst under their influence (Thanks Erwin).

Fixed 36 minor script problems (mostly involving conversation aesthetics).

New scripts for "decorations" in Cloud Castle (By decorations, I mean dead goblins).

Fixed a hilarious bug when beating the Scarab Seven in Boss Mode.

Boss mode guy now replenishes MP.

Made BM Scarab man marginally more sensible in terms of HP.

Some other miscellaneous stuff (mistypes, hardness, depth).
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Released:January 2nd, 2006
File Size:2.84 MB
Release Notes:v0.99
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