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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

Boss mode!
July 19th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox
Friendship is magic 
This game is in one word amazing!

Story: Great story here. Dink lands in the desert prison of Salamak and has to find a way to get out. Along his way he finds that some crazy club called the Scarab club 7 is trying to take over the world. Lot's of things get added to it when you talk to people and find things out. Can't tell you more you've got to see it for yourself!

Gameplay: Nearly perfect! Little tricky in the beginning but when you take it all on well you can make it easier for yourself witch is very nice. There are also some new creatures including bane bonca’s witch spit acid and little numerous bugs called scarabs. Also you can find some extra things to do were you will gain experience when you do it well.

Map: Brilliantly done! You can do exploring whenever you like and find many great things. The Temple of the Ancients is absolutely great it has traps and you have to think to get through without dying.

Graphics: The bane bonca and the scarab are made from the original bonca and the original pillbug but look very good. You wouldn't simply notice oh the editor just did this and that and poof a new graphic no these look just that better witch makes you feel like you're fighting brand new creatures. Jamiel is looking the best of all you have to see it for yourself a great boss with many capabilities. There's also a good looking new purple knight and some other things like a glowing staircase and new coloured walls.

Music: The music is splendid and fits perfectly. You wont even hear it you'll feel it just along with the situation.

Humour: This is one thing that will keep you going. I loved the humour. If you talk enough you can find it nearly everywhere and it didn't annoy me at all. The game just keeps serious and you'll laugh a lot while you play it.

Bad: A few minor bugs including scarabs

Overall: 9.9 You really should play this game all good things about it come together in a fantastic D-Mod you don't want to stop playing! The makers also must have spent a lot of time and effort into Cloud Castle 2 especially to script all the things that the people say, I respect this. You may just miss a lot when you play through it once so look everywhere and play things over because it keeps on being fun! Also this game has six endings three bad ones and three good ones so keep your eyes open and keep some old saves. There are also two extra things you can discover stampede forever and boss mode both very nice to play with your friends to see who's the best.

Conclusion: Don't just hang there START PLAYING!