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I am working on a re-imagined version of Friends Beyond 2. Release Date 2009 (finally)

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2006-11-06 06:49:01
Peasant Male United States
These results really suprise me actually. Not how I would rate them at all. Oh well. How Marpro didn't win, I'll never know. Nice job to the entries though.

EDIT: I wouldn't mind some clarification on these points, if for no other reason than so I can avoid similar issues with future releases

"Okay. Too much running around through giant mazes."

I really don't get this comment... the only large mazelike area is probably the Rockies Region and I guess I thought it would be better to make you explore a bit and to just walk a few linear screens to the village... plus the warp stone gets you past pretty much any walking around...

"This D-Mod is very well made, with a glaring flaw: there is no way I would have the patience to complete it without the (superb) walkthrough."

... for the failure dmod contest

"Liked this one a lot, but once again it felt more like a normal DMOD. Could've had a timer counting down all the time that would've helped with the need to complete by a certain time."

Normal DMOD? No offense to the other entries, but I feel this entry (and Sabre's) best interpreted the failure concept... It didn't have a successful ending with a bad result (not really failure if you ask me). It had a good ending with a (high chance) to fail your task and get a bad ending.

I didn't want people to realize they were timed, so I didn't include a timer, I feel that would ruin the effect.

Any responses appreciated

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InfinidinkD-Mod, RompExceptional 9.0May 19th, 2009
If Ducks Ruled the WorldD-Mod, RompGood 8.5September 26th, 2006
Friends Beyond 1D-Mod, RompFair 6.2February 26th, 2006
Hard Tiles LabeledDevelopmentHorrible 2.6March 11th, 2001
Friends Beyond 3: Legend of TenjinD-Mod, EpicExceptional 9.1February 7th, 2001
Beginning of SorrowsD-Mod, Miscellaneous, DemoFair 5.7November 21st, 2000
TimeflowDevelopmentFair 5.0October 29th, 2000
Friends Beyond 2: Branches of DestinyD-Mod, QuestGood 7.1September 28th, 2000

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