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Creating Enemy Sprites

From the introduction, "This tutorial is an overview of what I do when creating new enemy sprites. Some of this is covered in other documents such as the “Revised DinkC.txt” and the “Advanced Dink.ini Editing” files, but hopefully the beginner and maybe the intermediate DMOD author will find this document useful."
Released:June 26th, 2002
File Size:229.10 KB
Release Notes:v1.1
August 27th, 2003
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
Here it is - my take on creating enemy sprites in a DMOD. There are things I could change, but they are only minor. I've never had an complaints, but then no-one's ever emailed me to say they've used it. And since mimifish's is the only other review... hmmm maybe it was disappeared into the development file black hole.

What would make this file better... a bit more about how I go about making the graphics. An update on the use of magic attacks by enemy sprites.

As for brain 10. I'm not that impressed by it. In the end I used a brain 9 with large attack procedures to achieve the dragon in Pilgrim's Quest. Since then I've done an enemy with two physical attacks as well as a magic attack. This is a large demon in the upcoming DMOD Legend's Tale. Once that DMOD is released I may revisit this file and update things based on the demon sprite.

As for now I think it's a great file that covers the majority of issues people will have to think about when creating enemy sprites.

9 out of 10