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Beginning of Sorrows

A scene from the trailer. From the COTPATD project.
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Released:November 21st, 2000
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Release Notes:Trailer
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March 6th, 2006
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male United States
Alas, my "FB3 killer" Dmod will never be finished (thank my 8 yr old HD that failed). Anyway, after downloading and watching the trailer recently, it really brought back memories. The Dmod was inspired by Alpha Centauri where several groups of people each with their own ideals are co-existing in a single region. With certain groups or factions having sometimes strained relationships with others based on their beliefs. Based on who you helped and what you did would affect the outcome of the story to some degree.

Concerning the story, it isn't really set in the future. Think Final Fantasy 6 (or Mystery Island). One faction was really into technology, that's where to robots/tech/future look came from.

Also, the red "egg" is not an egg, nor is it a button, but the eye of one of the main characters. The graphics were the ninja robot from MI. It is the weapon that they are talking about testing which is missing the parts (a large part of the story is collecting the parts and restoring the robot, hopefully for the good guys, and not the bad guys).

While I liked the mood of the trailer, it does come off a bit more serious than the game was, probably because of the musical tone. The pace does slow down considerably when the two workers are talking towards the end of the trailer, but it was a nessecary part of the story... perhaps some more editing was needed to keep people from getting droopy eyed during that last part

Overall, a decent project, and hopefully the Dmod (renamed to The Box) would have really outshown the trailer, but we will all just have to imagine (or just forget about) it as it will never be released. Oh, well, on to better things.