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Belgotha Graphics

These are the graphics for the Moogle inspired character I made about a year ago. Might as well release them to the general public. It's in a DMOD form, including a new splash screen I put together tonight.

The character is designed to replace Dink and has walk in 8 directions, normal hit and magic hit in 4 directions, push in 4 directions, crawl into a hole, plus a bonus "yeah" or "yippee" sequence as well as looking around and sad sequence - these are only in one direction. There is no weapon hitting stuff as the critter was never designed to be a warrior.
Released:August 22nd, 2004
File Size:1.01 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 5th, 2006
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male United States
Lets start off with a complaint... the sad animation and looking around animation only comes in one direction (the yippee animaition is acceptable as one dir). Not sure why after all the work Simon wouldn't release all directions for the animations but oh well.

Anyway, other than that gripe, these graphics rock. The animation of the sequences is spot on and it has some cool effects (like warping into caves). Add in the cool factor of the moogle and there isn't much else you could want.
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