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I'm an Aussie.
I'm 16.
Enjoy playing 'n' making d-mods.
I'd be happy to give help to anyone that wants it if I can.

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2004-07-26 01:03:50

lenny3532 has written 11 reviews

Very Good Graphics For Dink Spike GraphicsNormalExceptional 9.5February 15th, 2006
I Didn't Like This D-Mod One Bit DryNormalTolerable 4.0August 6th, 2004
I Love This Graphics Pack Tullisti's First Graphics PackNormalExceptional 9.5July 20th, 2004
Great Graphics Ghost Knight 2.0NormalExceptional 9.2July 20th, 2004
Not a Bad Little D-Mod Birth of an EmpireNormalGood 7.0July 19th, 2004
Good D-Mod Cycles of EvilNormalExceptional 9.0July 19th, 2004
What Can I Say? CEditNormalExceptional 9.0July 18th, 2004
Good Lightning Graphics Lightning SpellsNormalExceptional 9.0July 16th, 2004
Not a Bad D-Mod Castle KillersNormalFair 5.5July 12th, 2004
Very Good Midi Pack Christiaan's Midi PackNormalExceptional 9.0July 10th, 2004
Extremely Good D-Mod Pilgrim's QuestNormalExceptional 9.6July 10th, 2004