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From the COTPATD project.
There is no plot to this DMOD but it goes on forever. Be a warrior, magician or something in between and see how much you can score against increasingly difficult enemies.
Released:May 19th, 2009
File Size:1.12 MB
Release Notes:This release fixes several small bugs (and probably introduces some new ones) and adds a duck killing system for Beuc.

Bug Fixes
memory leak
spawn glitch at high levels
life guard spell
some debugging text removed
duplicate items/item removal after death

New Features
Duck Killing system
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May 19th, 2009
Score : 8.6 good
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 

Infinidink is pretty much a "Kill 'em all" D-mod with no real plotline, though that's not the point to the D-mod anyway. It's largely an arcade style game, with a score tallied at the end should you die and the ability to continue gameplay.

Story (or not in this case)

Dink starts out in his house and goes outside to talk to the only thing talk-to-able, a nearby pig. The pig is the key starting point for the game, allowing you to choose easy or challenge mode and picking between a Warrior Class, Jack-of-all-Trades class, or a Mage. Once you've chosen your class, you pick a color the pig offers (Red increases Strength, Blue defence, Green magic, and Orange increases the MP stat which is required to cast spells).
From here, the player advances to the dungeon area, where most of the gameplay is centered on killing everything "Except the ducks" as the pig adds. Monsters will teleport in randomly across the screen until you kill a certain amount of them for the screen to unlock.

Graphics and Music
There's no new graphics to the screens you fight on, but the screen border and stat bar have changed to a nice blue color, with the adition of the MP stat that recharges over time, allowing you to cast spells. The new spells have also got some new graphics.
As for the music, it randomly selects one of many new and different tracks to battle to, making for a nice change of background compared to a constant music track repeating over and over again throughout the entire dungeon.

-Monsters in easy mode teleport in slowly, allowing time to kill what you want to slay first before moving to the next monster.
-At certain points, you can find an old man blocking the way into a room full of pillbugs. The only need for gold in this game is to pay the man to move, allowing you to kill the pillbugs and receive a chest containing equipment, a stat boost, or both.
-As you progress through each screen, the monsters that spawn get a little more difficult each time, meaning less worrying about the odd slime taking a whack at you as you try to kill a goblin.
-Good music changes as you progress through the battle area
-A nicely improved new status bar
-Some new spells such as a healing spell, a temporary defence boosting magic, and confusing the enemy, as well as an upgraded tri-shot version of Fireball.
-The color-choice doesn't tell you of the bonus selecting it gives you
-If you manage to survive all the way to the Invisible Slayers, the teleport animation occurs to show where a monster will teleport but little to no more monsters appear (meaning it's not as infinite as you'd expect).

Final Notes

This D-mod doesn't require constant thought as to what to do next, with the saying "Shoot first ask questions later" coming to mind, only replace later with never.
Recomended for players whose minds are stressed after all the puzzles in quest or epic D-mods, so they can take a break and do some mindless killing.
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