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I'm the new guy who comes out of nowhere and tries to do somewhat big things. Well, actually, I'm not so new to Dink. I've even looked at the Dink Network a lot in the past years. But I was always a lurker! But any Starcraft player knows not to underestimate them...

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2014-01-09 09:43:55
Is an example of classic RPG and adventure games and sophisticated "Basic ... " Dink Mall Wood , is perfect - . Jordan Please enjoy and something special , a hearty dose of a stupid simple Thomas ,

"In this game , there needs to be a sense of humor the hook of the main differences to pass through ... it , humor meaning great in ( twist ) , bloody there , the beautiful world T. Byrl Baker in this game , A computer game - I have a " .

As a result of roaming the land and knights fought with courage and honor , dragon began in the world of it all .

And then there was Dink . Pig farmers simple , is pushed into the epic journey of magic and adventure , how can I save the world ?

Dink Mall Wood HD is a new remix version of the classic RPG brought about by the creators of the original features .

Complete re- mastering , sound track of the CD

I will support playback . DMOD user made ​​levels

Speed ​​up to fly at your own pace and dialogue cut scene "button

I restart / save / restore , to finish every time you make a game with a fully automatic

take the frustration from the dead the quick save / load function

been upgraded , to optimize the engine , than it see Dink , I could hear better , whether

two control methods , the direction pad , drag the location of the " any "

iOS 4 optimization

Support application iPhone, the iPhone 4/Retina at a resolution of native

URL in the App Store: HTTP :/ / / us / app / Dink -S ...

Android : ...

Http:// for more information here

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Dink Hotel (The)D-Mod, RompN/AApril 2nd, 2019
Dink Script Improvement PackD-Mod, Development, Miscellaneous, Add-OnExceptional 9.0February 25th, 2013
Dink Exploding Missiles SuperfixDevelopment, MiscellaneousN/AJanuary 12th, 2013

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