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Dink Exploding Missiles Superfix

Have you been irritated repeatedly by having your fireball explode before reaching it's target or your arrow vanish for no reason? Then look no further, this script pack includes script fixes for four exploding weapons (fireball, hellfire, acid rain, and arrow) to prevent this from happening again. Using similar methods as the included scripts it is also not hard to incorporate the fixes into your own custom missile weapons for your DMODs too! The readme is highly informative, and an example DMOD is included to test out the differences between the normal dink missiles and the modified ones.

And oh, hey guys. This is my first file. Hope you find it useful!

Note: See the newer Dink Script Improvement Pack which has many other fixes, including these.
Released:January 12th, 2013
File Size:113.22 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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