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Peasant Male United States steam 
I know DinkC fairly well and I've been developing here for years.

Although I'm no longer creating content for Dink Smallwood, you can check me out on twitch, twitter, youtube, and steam to see what I'm up to these days.

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2008-01-20 20:30:14
Peasant Male United States steam 
If anyone remembers, awhile back I was working on making Dink two players. A little while later I quit that since it wouldn't control the way I wanted it to (Erwin took that up I haven't heard any progress from that in awhile.) Off of that thought I came up with a new kind of "2 player" game.

In this game mode one player controls 2 heroes. Lets name them Dink and Rick. But how does one control two heroes at the same time? Well obviously that would be too hard to play, so one of the players will be controlled by an npc brain. So here's how it works. You start out as Dink, but you can switch in-between characters by pressing "]" (temporary key.)

The whole idea behind this was that each character has specialty skills that require you to switch often. Well, that and the npc is stupid so you have to save his tail by switching to him and pulling him out of the heat. You can tell because he is using the health bar by magicman. If one of your heroes die then it's game over, so this is crucial.

Both characters will have their own weapons and spells. They will also have their own stats. Experience is the only exception. In this case you will have a choice menu for both characters.

I've completed the basics for the most part:

:: When you change the screen your friend will follow you and retain his health always.

:: The level-up script works perfectly updating the npc stats and the player's right away. Also, Dink getting exp for npc kills works.

:: The death script kills off both players (as well as the npc's death procedure.)

:: Switching characters is smooth and visible and inventory swapping works.

:: The healthbar works and is fixed to show a change in max health.

:: Npc moves from target to target smoothly even when the player steals a kill.

:: Saving/Loading works. You always start a game as Dink.

Some things that are planned for the future:

:: Npc spells and cast delay.

:: Smarter npc that knows when to run away?

:: Npc commands. Such as telling the npc to cast a spell or target a certain type of foe (ranged or melee)

:: Npc grabbing power-ups when he needs them?

:: Power-ups that raise stats of both players?

If anyone has anymore ideas I may try them, but I have my hands full with that. And if anyone is wondering.. This has nothing to do with my current Dmod. If anything, it's a result of procrastination

I may release it soon, possibly as is, but then again maybe not If anyone wants to help or implement an idea of their own I could send it to them. I only ask that you let me know what you want to do with it and let me know if your 'fix' causes any bugs.

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