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Dink Jumps

Some graphics for Dink jumping. It comes in a sample DMOD in which Dink jumps off of a cliff.
Released:January 11th, 2007
File Size:98.40 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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January 16th, 2007
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him India
Dink Jumps by rabidwolf9

This pack contains graphics used in the original Dink modified in an innovative way through some clever scripting. Though I do not quite agree with the idea of placing benches(or similar sprites) all over the cliffs and attaching scripts to them. It seems a long and tedious job but I can't suggest a better idea of doing the whole thing, so it is quite ok.

Graphics: Nothing new, even though it is a graphics pack. I deduct 1 here as I was expecting some new graphics but the author has used the original ones made by Justin Martin.

Sounds: 1 new "huah" sound which is quite funny but seems nice as the author has himself voiced it.

Scripting: The scripting is very well done. Clever use of the original graphics to a new effect. The use of the 'P' key to jump unnecessarily is quite nice. It freely expresses Dink's happiness and could well be used in a situation where Dink is just screaming, jumping and running shouting 'Hurray'. Thumbs up once more for the author's scripting.

Suggestions: Some new graphics should be added as I mentioned earlier as this is supposed to be a graphics pack. It would be really cool if the ideas given in the readme could be implemented:
1. Dink jumping over an enemy.
2. Dink jumping over obstacles like fences, small walls and can even add some super jump mode in which he could jump down mountains and over forests etc.

Overall: A good file that can improved upon by adding new graphics and other weird stuff.

Score: 8