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Ultima Cheat

Includes a cheat to boost all of your stats, walk fast, unlock your screen, and fill your life all just by pressing F1. Also allows you to kill all enemies on the screen by hitting F2.
Released:January 29th, 2005
File Size:1.73 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
March 11th, 2007
Score : 4.4 tolerable
Peasant He/Him United States 
I would just like to say to the people who are looking for the cheat that's right for them, that there are far better ones out there. It does what the description says, F1 makes you all powerful, and F2 kills everything that can be killed on-screen by doing massive amounts of damage (so much the numbers are screwed up.) However, once you become all powerful, there's no way (included in this file) to fix your stats back to the way they were. Although it works the way it is supposed to, in my opinion it just ruins the fun of the game. I don't even use the F1 part of the cheat, but only the F2 part for when fighting something too hard to handle, or for redoing a part I get screwed into doing over. But even this part is offered in better cheats.

Instead of this cheat, I recommend using the Ultimate Cheat.
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