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Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
So I'm back after quite a long time away and hopefully I'm here to stay. Unfortunately my previous D-Mod project Lowlife: Bugs and Rugs has been cancelled. I'd like to say that I really enjoyed sending ideas back and forth with Schnapper and formulating a storyline. To a young me that was really one of the coolest things I had ever done. This is community is kinda cool.

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2011-08-12 16:01:37
Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
Don't read it then listen to this duck hater.

I'm sitting on the bus and it's completely full exept for a seat next to me. And this girl walks on and is complaining about how there's now seats and the bus driver points next to me and she stands above it looks at it and looks at the bus and says "anyone wanna sit three to a seat".

And I dont care I live by my modo "a man who tales himself to serious runs the risk of others doing the same". Who said that again?

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