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Peasant Male Australia
Let me heat that up for you... 
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2010-03-25 04:44:58
Peasant Male Australia
Let me heat that up for you... 
Recently, our cat (which we had raised since he was born) had dissapeared for a while. At first we thought it was just him going otu for a little while as he usually does. But days passed and we still hadn't seen him. We went out to look for him, my younger siblings (6 and 7 years) couldn't find him. My father found him, lying by the highway that runs by the back of our house. He didn't tell my siblings. My mother wen't out to check and came back saying, it was him. My parents told me not to tell my brother or sister what had happened.

A week later, my sister still calls out for him, and the mother cat still seems depressed. He was only six months old.

At first I felt sad, but then I thought of all the good times we had. After all, how could you not laught at a cat named Shoulder Cat... Yeah, long story short when he was born my sister wanted to call him "Ben" my mother wanted to call him "George", but I always used to carry him on my shoulder, so I called him "Shoulder Cat". The name just stuck, and eventually we all started calling him Shoulder Cat. He even came when called.

Despite being so young, we had so much good time together.

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