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2006-01-06 08:50:20
DraconicDink's blog : I am doing a dmod series about the dragons that control the four elements of air, water, fire and earth.

DraconicDink's post : Umm, no Dink isn't losing his love. Because of what his love is that isn't possible. She's way more powerful than him. She controls the Air Element.

So Dink is in love with a dragon then? Wow! Now there's an interesting idea!

EDIT : Argh, I was writing my post when scratcher posted his...

EDIT 2 : I'm not sure what you meant by 'bestiality', scratcher, but I don't think falling in love with someone who belongs to a different kind of species is bad, unless it's perverted. In fact, I've read a few fantasy stories where characters fell in love with someone of another species.

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