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Updated File: Windinkedit Plus 2.5 (source code included)

RW has miraculously re-emerged out of the void, proving that no one can escape the DN. He brings offerings in the form of an updated version of Windinkedit Plus 2.

The source has also been graciously provided, uploaded as a separate file.

See the list of changes/updates below.

- Automatically detect FreeDink, Dink HD, and classic Dink
- The Dink installation to use is more granularly configurable
- Run successfully without administrator mode
- Screenmatch duplicate sprites are now marked with a red outline, and are picked up together (Shift+M)
- Stuff is now drawn with SDL instead of DirectDraw, resulting in better performance
- A couple settings used to not be saved properly, this is now fixed
- Some small UI improvements
- Fixed a few bugs, added new ones... you know, the usual.