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May 28th 2008, 11:29 PM
Peasant Male United States
It looked good on paper... 
My favorite(s) would have to be Newcastle or Guinness, always on tap; bottles just don't do justice to either one. Packaged I go for Beck's or Fosters (Oil Can only), and mixed I prefer classic medium flavored drinks using premium vodka, rum, or whiskey/brandy/cognac. I also like exceptional liquors straight, like Grey Goose, Grand Marnier, or E&J XO Brandy (very smooth.)

In answer to DinkDude, "Does Pepsi count?", only if mixed with Jack Daniels.

As for Striker's opinion of Busch, life is too short to drink cheap beer bro. Step up to Sam Adams or a microbrew for a good domestic. Oktoberfest and Winter Ale are my favorite Sam Adams varieties.

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday, woohoo (low enthusiasm). I'm not telling my age, you can almost guess it from this post. x|