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March 21st 2008, 07:31 PM
Peasant Male United States
I have NOT been able to download
"APEX" since the first times I tried! I keep getting "file incomplete
messages(?)! So, friends; any help, or tricks, I
NEED to know in order to download, &
install this promising D-MOD?
P.S. The First time, I think, THAT I MANNAGED
TO GET ABOUT 80%; SINCE then, I'll be lucky
to get 2%(?!). Has anyone else had this problem? I
HAVE downloaded, and installed several
D-MODS since then?
I'M TRULEY SORRY, to have to keep posting
this way, but alot of times, I DON'T
get the "modify" (s.p.) thingy at the
end of my messages?!
I don't mean to inconvenience anyone
and I know some of you are "fed-up"
with my rantings! And don't forget "ravings!
I usually get to use this machine some-where
around "MIDNIGHT-3 AM", And sadly to say,
I tend to get a bit "WONKIE", at this time
of the morning!(?)
So, think about all of that "BEFORE"
burning me at the steak!