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October 9th 2006, 11:49 AM
Well to Dink Again, the game is rather difficult... ...I think in the read me like thingie it mentions how you can fire over certain pies with fire balls. You should go to the bread maze, use bombs and hiding behind walls. Use the terrain to your benifit.

Be sure you have covered as much area after the tower as possible though first.

---You can go all the way down the tower to the ground. If you didn't...---

here is where you should probably go if you have not already:


Off the path after the tower to the left there is a man you should talk to. You should see a bonus there.

You should kill all the screens with pillbugs. Get the bonus save and go down. Kill the wasps. Go to the left get the bonus burn the tree and save on the warp pig screen.

Talk to the warp pig go to "the edge of the world" and head left untill you reach another stat booster. *Do not* go to the screen above 'cause it is hard right now.

You [i]might[i] be able to take the screen next to the water screen though to get more money and EXP.

It must be done stratigically though.

Make sure you go to billy bob's to the right after the tower to get the bombs; before taking the pie maze on.

If you need more help ask.