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2006-10-02 00:14:55
It seems as though their may be some confusion about Ex-Peppermint, which is understand-able considering its nature.
Here you can post what you are confused about. It will help me clarify for the next version and let me help you.

You can also use this to register any complaints (which I would really like to hear so I can improve on them).

It appears that people may have complaints because they don't understand the game anyway.

You can be pretty much assured that if there is something obviously wrong with Ex-Peppermint it was a creative decision and not a bug (other then the after death bug which I didn't think was important enough for me to fix yet given the time retriants). There is supposed to be stuff wrong with it. The explaination to this will come mid to late-game.(At least if you can pick up on it.)

Edit: Be sure to read the "keys and such" file.

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Ex-PeppermintD-Mod, RompFair 5.9September 26th, 2006