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May 4th 2005, 01:18 PM
Peasant She/Her Finland
Why do I always find the good topics only after they've gone offtopic for a week or so...

Anyways, to the point - books almost all the way.

1. The death of Bold the Fox in one of the parts of Animals of the Farthing Wood. I read it when I was 12 and I found it amazing... and I still cry each time I read that chapter. It was really sad and touching, very human, even though it was foxes.

2. The fire in Dink Smallwood. Everyone else tells me it was predictable, anyone would guess Dink's mother dies, but I really really didn't, and I remember staring at the screen eyes wild with astonishment. Couldn't believe it was happening, and then Esther came and blamed me for killing the duck. Again, made me cry. (Not for the second time anymore, though)

3. Description of the 1905 revolution in Trotsky's autobiography. I hadn't known that feeling of ..just feverishly doing things and everything in the city boiling around you could really be conveyed so realistically. He really captured the feeling I guess.
(the bit I mean is somewhere in the middle there)