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May 1st 2005, 11:20 PM
Does stricken mean struck? I guess it must, but you only hear it in certain phrases: "stricken from the record", "stricken with eye-herpes."

As for your question Redink, it amuses me that I don't have any friends close enough that I'd confess to them that I'd been moved by anything. Hooray for the internet.

Last year, I somehow found time to read a lot during the school day, (mostly short stories), and sometimes my legs would get really weak towards the end of some bit of writing. In specific: "Laughing Man," "White Nights,"(probably just because it was the first Dostoevsky I read), and especially "The Metamorphosis." The weird thing is, those stories are so terribly different from each other.

PS: The Incredibles is a very good movie... a bit simplistic, but good kids' movies are. Very much like that Vonnegut story (Harrison Bergeron or whatever.)